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#fbf with the dweeb @kendallschmidt have fun on tour and see you next month!|😭💔💕✈️🎸🎶

People who are shocked Kendall wrote Fuck on twitter have obviously never had a real conversation with him lmao

I love how Kendall wanted pics of your tattoo even when he's seen so many copycats of yours with the whole handwriting thing!

i know!!!!! He took like 4 pictures of it and he was like “How much hate would you get if I posted this on twitter and instagram?” And I was like “LMAOOO I get hate anyway!!!” He’s so cute I’m sad

"ATL bound" #happymistakestour starts tomorrow.. #heffrondrive #kendallschmidt RT and ❤️

Meet my boyfriend.|❤️🍦 (at Sprinkles Beverly Hills)

okay Hazel Grace? Okay!

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Still trying wrap my head around the fact Kendall has a picture of us on his instagram like

I’ve realized this is my thing

It would be no tank tops on a summer tour.  You can’t wear tank tops because there’s too many parents in the audience.  I think the parents are okay with arm muscles.

I just