But if you loved me, why’d you leave me?

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27th July 1993; Happy 21st Birthday George Paul Shelley!

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Just finished hosting @kendallschmidt's #HeffronDrive Concert! Thanks #BigTimeRush Fans!! #music #losangeles #concert #livethedream


ashton was literally that employee that just strolls around the store and doesn’t actually do any work but everyone loves him so he would never get fired

The sun is killing me.|💀☀️

♫ You’ll take a bad day and you’ll make it feel alright
It might be dark outside, but you’ll be my sunshine 

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Chipmunk cheeks.|☺️

"Photo Shooting" Great new photo courtesy of@shawn_corrigan Can’t wait for you all to see and hear all the new stuff! #heffrondrive

#mcm What’s fucking new.| 💕 @kendallschmidt #17dayzzz

"Musical Chairs" New chairs for the studio..hopefully there will be many talented asses that sit in them :) Wana have a seat? #heffrondrive #heffrondrivealbum

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Snapchat 21/07/14

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